Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dropping off the product

Well, I've had countless requests about when my cd will be done and so it's fair to say I am pretty darn excited about dropping the album off to be duplicated tomorrow, with two amazing helpers: Mikey and Cat. Damn I love those two.
It has been 2 and a half years since Mikey and I started putting this recording on tape (digital, whatever) and it is finally done. I still remember the day Brian, Rob, Jon, Mikey and I rolled into that jam space in New West to put down the intial drum tracks on February 25, 2005. We had a blast recording and ate some great Chinese food at this little hole in the wall. We came back home to Richmond to lay down overdubs. Mikey and I intially made some great progress by getting a lot of the bass, guitars and pianos done. It was all running smoothly until we got to the vocals and we could not get them to sound just right...soon after I got a girlfriend, and became severely distracted. I'm still with the same girl now and she pushes me to focus on music more than anyone now. Anyways, after about a 6 month break from recording we returned with a new helper to the fold, Adam VW Biggs. With him we listened back to the tracks and decided to re-do some of the songs we had already recorded and throw in a couple of new ones while we were at it. We entered into Vogville Studios in Coquitlam, where Adam had been working, and started the new sessions with the band again fully intact. After the drums, bass and guitars had been layed down at Vogville we went to Amo Audio, a studio in Adam's bedroom and finished the pianos, horns, and massive amounts of vocals. A few months later we returned to Vogville to mix all the songs that we had created over the nearly two year period. Then a few months after that we sent it to Craig Waddell to be mastered. Then came the artwork, which was put together by the artiste extrodinaire Cat, and finally here we are, ready to drop off the final product. 1000 CDs should hopefully satisfy my clamouring masses of fans. Here we go (to the show...sorry, obligatory Ethers Void reference).

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just got home from Tylerpalooza. Played all originals, no covers in this set. Pretty typical setlist in fact: ES, Invade, Kevin Amold, etc. The other band was Mad Shadow who played mostly classic rock covers. They were pretty impressive and quite young. I didn't recieve much of a response, but hey they can't all be home runs. Thank you very much to Cookhouse, Miles and Steve-o. Next show: CD release, hopefully in September or October.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upcoming Cd

Hey everyone or anyone. I have designed this blog so I can post information about my music and upcoming cd. If anyone is interested in purchasing my album please email me: